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Multiplication Dragons improves memorization and recall with rhyme and visual association.

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Make math fun!

Memorizing multiplication tables using just a school textbook can be frustrating for you, and for your child. That’s why we have developed Multiplication Dragons, to provide new, fun ways to engage with multiplication that stimulate ease of memorization and improved recall. We all know how difficult it is to remember things without using the proper tools, and Multiplication Dragons provides just that. Our brightly coloured, unique, three-dimensional environments provide visual and auditory in which children can learn by associating multiplication questions with a rhyme, an in-game location, and the dragon that asks the question.

Multiplication Dragons helps increase memorisation and ease of recall using two memory devices that reinforce each other: rhyme and the memory palace (a.k.a. the method of loci). It will introduce your child to the world of multiplication using 3D animated dragons that guide them through 12 different environments, including a lagoon, a Halloween inspired level, a mountain, caves, a winter setting, and more! Each of the 144 questions is asked by one of our many dragons, stationed in various locations and levels throughout the game. Questions are asked using a phrase that both rhymes with the answer, and relates to the particular surroundings of the level currently being played. Multiplication questions also appear onscreen and are read aloud, a design feature used to help young readers and those experiencing difficulty reading, and to provide our dragons with a bit of extra personality.

We draw on rhyme because it has been used in various ways and has stood the test of time as a mnemonic device. After all, how many times has the age-old “thirty days has September, April, June, and November” rhyme helped you to recall the number of days in a month? It has been used for generations, and proven its success over and over again. Our second memory device, the memory palace, is one of the oldest and most successful tools in the book! This method goes back to the ancient Greeks, and involves imagining a familiar environment (like your home) and associating the things to be remembered with particular areas or aspects of that environment. The visual and spatial qualities of this form provide additional contact points that aid in the creation of cognitive associations with the thing that we want to remember. This creates more access routes for our brains to get at the desired information, and thus increases ease of recall. By using both of these methods together we have increased these possible cognitive associations even further, while providing you and your child with hours of fun!

Children will earn 1-3 stars based on the amount of correct answers given on a level, giving them the opportunity to return to a level and break their current score. They will also get an encouraging cheer from our dragons for each right or wrong answer, and unlock new levels by successfully completing a timetable level. They can also make use of an added visual cue by reviewing the timetable itself, and test recall by attempting quiz mode. Here, your child must answer questions without the rhymes, and in random order, simulating a school math test. And unlike other games that offer one free level and then charge you for the remaining eleven, we ask for one payment which includes access to all twelve levels, quiz mode, and timetable mode.

Multiplication Dragons provides your child with a whole world of exploration that introduces, reinforces, and tests multiplication skills, in a mode that feels like play. It’s time to exchange the mechanical repetition of rote learning for techniques that make memorization easy and fun. Add some good-times to your tables, with Multiplication Dragons!

Make Multiplication Fun!

Buy Now and make math fun - dragon style!

Make math fun and add some good-times to your tables, with Multiplication Dragons!

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Some of our screenshots displaying actual gameplay!

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Title Screen

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Level Select

Story Mode

Story Mode

Quiz Mode

Quiz Mode

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